We all want our homes to be a safe place for us and our families. When we leave for work in the morning, we hope to come back to a home that is safe and sound. Given the growing crime rates, it can be hard to feel safe even when we are in the confines of our house.

A quality home security system is the way to keep your home secure from thieves, burglars, intruders, and trespassers. There are several residential security system companies that offer home security solutions. In this post, we will highlight what sets Mijac Alarm apart.

Residential Services

Mijac Alarm offers three kinds of home security solutions:

  • Security System
  • Home Automation
  • Cameras

Security System

When you leave your home vacant, your prime concern is to keep your property safe in your absence. You want to ensure that instances like theft, burglary, or break-ins do not happen while you are away but there is only so much you can do when you are not even at home. A complete home security system relieves you of your worries no matter how long you leave your house alone.

Mijac Home Security System includes easy, one-button arming on every keypad, dedicated smartphone app for off-site remote control, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide detectors, and pet sensors, among others. The home security package keeps your house safe and allows you to monitor even when you are away.

Home Automation

Sometimes you may forget to lock the doors or turn off the lights when leaving your house. This not only makes your home susceptible to a break in, but also can increase your electricity bill. A home automation system takes care of these little things whether you are leaving for work or going on a vacation.

Mijac Home Automation includes keyless entry, automatic door lock, and appliance shut-off when you leave the house, and a smartphone app to keep a watch on your home no matter where you are.


Would it not be nice if you could see who is at your front door right on your phone? With Mijac Security Cameras, that becomes a reality. You get to see who is at your front door or back yard. You can store electronic records for up to a year and the cameras can be monitored from your phone, tablet, or PC. You can even choose between analog and megapixel cameras for recording.

A Residential Security Company & System You Can Trust

As one of the leading residential security system companies, Mijac Alarm makes keeping an eye on your house easier than ever. Call to install any of Mijac Alarm’s security solutions or to get a quote!

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