Security alarm systems have become highly advanced in recent years, providing extremely sensitive motion detection and complex control mechanisms. If you are planning on installing a fairly advanced system, we recommend hiring a UL certified technician such as our team members at Mijac Alarm to implement your security alarms for you. However, if you have purchased a basic residential alarm system, and want to attempt to install it, we’re here to help.

Below we have broken down the steps to security alarm installation and how long it takes to complete.

A Complete Guide to Security Alarm Installation

Control panel installation

The quickest and easiest way to install your security alarm control panel is simply to plug it into a power outlet and place it on a surface that will be convenient for you to access as needed. Many commercial and residential property owners, however, prefer to have their control panel mounted on a wall near an entry point for quick access as well as a more polished appearance. This will require you to purchase a bracket and use a screwdriver to install the control panel, which may take approximately ten minutes depending on skill level and equipment.

Distribute security sensors

Depending on the complexity of your security alarm system, installing your security sensors may be as straightforward as sticking them to your walls with an adhesive. It is essential to evenly distribute the sensors throughout the building in order to detect any unwanted intrusions. The process of placing relatively basic sensors in a small space will likely take no more than fifteen minutes to complete. At Mijac Alarm, we offer high-level engineering services and top-rated products to ensure you have the most effective security system, which is designed to fit your space.

Contact your alarm company for activation

Once you have installed each component of your security system, you will have to contact your alarm company and have them activate the system for you. This will help ensure that each of your motion sensors is working properly in case of an emergency.

Contact Mijac Alarm

The customer support resources at Mijac Alarm are available to our customers 24/7. Whether you need a new system, or you want to change your alarm code or your call list, our team is here to help.

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