GPS tracking solutions continue to provide companies with the ideal security system to prevent asset loss. This is particularly important for fleet operations, in which companies have hundreds of vehicles on the road throughout the day. GPS tracking solutions can be harnessed to protect both drivers and vehicles, and this post will help to explain the technology and its value.

Monitoring vehicle movement

The latest GPS tracking systems are designed to track vehicle movement via satellite. The satellites triangulate the position of a moving vehicle by locating a signal. The signal is then redirected toward the fleet operator’s vehicle management team, so they have a constant insight regarding vehicle location.

Alarm signals a change in route

When a vehicle veers off from its route, GPS tracking solutions are designed to notify dispatch team members and send the message to security staff within the organization. The alarm will also go off depending on specific driver activities such as stopping for a length of time or making a sudden movement.

Tracking stolen vehicles

When a driver takes a sudden turn or goes off route, then the alarm will tell the dispatch team they should pay close attention to the vehicle’s positioning. The team can then contact the driver and find out the status of the vehicle. With GPS tracking solutions installed in their vehicles, fleets can rest assured their assets will be tracked throughout the day, ensuring instances of vehicle theft can be quickly and effectively resolved.

The role of monitoring teams

While the technology used within GPS tracking solutions is of considerable value to fleet operators, the technology can only be used to maximum impact through monitoring. The monitoring team must be trained, along with drivers, to utilize the GPS tracking systems and to react effectively when alarms ring. This also requires the company to put in place the right protocols to ensure that all team members react effectively to alarms.

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