Running a business is often unpredictable: situations can arise that are completely out of your control. One of the most unpleasant of these is violence in the workplace, either by outside actors or among employees. Installing a commercial security alarm system is one of the ways you can prevent or drastically reduce such scenarios.

Mijac Alarm wants to help you protect your staff and clients from any unsavory incidents, so they’ve compiled so information about how a security system can aid in these regards.

5 Ways to Prevent Violent Incidents with a Commercial Alarm System

  1. Virtual Guards

If having a security guard on the premises isn’t in your budget, many alarm systems nowadays also come equipped with a virtual guard. You can set up a central station that monitors your property through the use of advanced audio and video technology, alerting you to any issues that may arise.

  1. Lighting

As part of your commercial alarm system, installing motion sensor lighting or increased lighting will deter would-be criminals from lurking in darker areas of your property. Increased lighting coupled with motion sensors and video surveillance is one way to prevent incidents and provide you with a visual record if they do occur.

  1. Access Control

Many business alarm systems also come equipped with access control, allowing you to monitor your entryways and determine who enters your facility and when. Access control can also keep unwanted guests out of restricted areas and alert you whenever a motion sensor is tripped or a door is propped open that shouldn’t be.

  1. Burglar Alarms

Often, simply posting that your company has installed an alarm system is enough to deter would-be criminals. If it isn’t, they likely won’t stick around for long once a motion sensor has been tripped and the alarm starts blaring.

  1. Video Surveillance

Using video surveillance as part of your commercial security plan can minimize workplace theft or incidents among employees. Should an incident occur on the premises, you can have a visual record of it. This also goes for break-ins and other security breaches. Having evidence on video will make it easier should your case ever go to court.

Mijac Alarm offers affordable commercial security alarm systems!

Protecting your employees and clients is a must for any business. To learn more about implementing a comprehensive security plan on your property, contact the Mijac Alarm team today.

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