Outdoor holiday décor is lovely part of the season. Light shows and inflatable displays ring  neighbors and friends outside to enjoy the scenery. Some homeowners choose not install outdoor decorations because they are worried that these items may be stolen. It’s a fact of life that vandals and thieves might steal or destroy the displays that have been carefully planned.

Don’t let the threat of thievery get in the way of your holiday spirit!

There are ways to protect outdoor decorations so homeowners can enjoy participating in the season.


Strings of lights on the outside of the home should be protected from vandals and thieves because they are high over the windows and along the roof line of the house. To ensure they are safe, use a secure method of attaching them to the home. If lights are attached to poles, trees or fences, you can discourage thieves by winding the strings repeatedly around the anchor. Locking cords can also be used to secure the lights. Most crimes are ones of opportunity, and if it’s too difficult, thieves will move on to another location.


A new trend in outdoor decorations is that of inflatable holiday characters that stand 10 to 12 feet tall on the lawn. These items can cost hundreds of dollars and require a blower to keep them inflated constantly. Santa Claus, reindeer or other iconic decorations like snowmen or large snow globes sit on the homeowner’s lawn and can be a huge attraction to thieves and vandals. The decorations come with stakes and wire to keep them from blowing away in high winds, but for the sake of security, homeowners can add more tie-downs and additional cords.


Motion Lights

Attach motion sensitive lights near the decorations to deter thieves from stealing the decorations. Home security monitoring is a deterrent to thieves but lax security can encourage this behavior.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring for outside the house is often part of a home security monitoring system. It can be redirected to watch the outside decorations to catch thieves and vandals in the act.


In some cases, large expensive purchases can be worth extra precautions. Police suggest tiny GPS tracking devices that can be added to the decorations in an inconspicuous place. The tracking itself can be pricey along with the monthly monitoring but might be worth it if the item costs hundreds of dollars.


Before the decorations are added to the yard, write down all the decorations used along with any identification numbers. The police won’t know they’ve found the belongings without those numbers.

A homeowner who wants to decorate their lawn for the holidays doesn’t have to be afraid of theft; if they are smart and take precautions like security monitoring and extra lockdowns, their home and decorations will be safe.

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