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Avoid home-Fire Tragedy

“As I got closer to the door the heat and smoke became too intense to enter”

– San Bernardino Police officer Michael Taylor told KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

Taylor and fellow officer were driven back by the heat and flames while attempting a rescue before fire-fighters arrived on the scene. When fire-fighters finally knocked down the flames a woman’s body was found inside the home according to published reports. Family members gathered outside the home later in the morning to mourn the loss of their loved one. According to news-sources the fire is still under investigation. Investigators gave no indication whether smoke detectors or alarm systems had been installed and were functioning when the fire broke out.

This is a tragedy that plays out similarly many times in homes around the country. Fortunately, there are simple steps that every family can take to improve home fire safety and reduce the danger of starting a fire in your home.

Steps to prevent common risks for home fires

Let’s take a look at common risks for home fires and the quick steps to reduce the risk of home fires. Both fire- and security-alarm-experts agree that during the cold winter months the “Top 5 causes of home fires” are:

  1. Heater Fires – Portable heaters that are used to dry clothes or shoes or are left too close to drapes or furniture can ignite a fire in minutes.
  2. Candles – Candles left near any combustible material can ignite a potentially deadly home blaze.
  3. Careless Smoking – Smoking material dropped onto bedding or furniture can smolder for hours before exploding into flames.
  4. Electrical Appliances – Electrical power cords placed under carpet of furniture are a potential fire hazard.
  5. Stove and Cooking – When a pot or pan overheats or splatters grease, it can take only seconds to cause a fire.

Top 5 home fire safety tips

Based on these common risks, Fire-Department and Alarm-Professionals agree that the “Top 5 home fire safety tips” for homeowners are:

Home Fire Safety Tip #1

  • Install a Smoke Detector – Functional smoke alarms can alert you and your loved ones to a fire in your home in time for you to escape and call for help even if you are asleep or in another part of the home.

Home Fire Safety Tip #2

  • Plan Your Escape Route – Make sure your family has an escape plan that everyone knows and that you have practiced.

Home Fire Safety Tip #3

  • Keep an Eye on Smokers – Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire-deaths in North America. Use deep non-tip ashtrays and soak butts in water before discarding them. Check under and around furniture after someone has been smoking before you go to bed or leave your home.

Home Fire Safety Tip #4

  • Kitchen Fires – Never leave food cooking on the stove. If grease catches fire in a pan, cover the flames with the lid and turn off the heat.

Home Fire Safety Tip #5

  • Space Heaters – Keep portable space heaters at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn. Keep kids away from heaters, and never leave heaters on when you leave your home or go to bed.

Keep your family and loved-ones safe by following these simple and effective safety tips.

Home safety review

For an in-depth home-safety review and to install or upgrade your fire alarm system, contact your Mijac Alarm safety consultant today.

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