Heaven knows there are plenty of people looking to take advantage of those less fortunate during this holiday season.  Burglars come to mind…  Keeping that thought, I’ve taken the liberty to list a few simple steps to help keep your family safe this holiday season.

Water that beautiful tree in the living room window to ensure it doesn’t dry out and become a fire hazard by the end of this holiday season.  

Just in case you forgot to do the above, be sure to check your stand alone smoke detector’s batteries and update them if you haven’t done so in awhile.  Mark the batteries with the date before installing them in the detector.  This also applies to those families celebrating Chanukah during this festive season!   

Be sure to arm your alarm system every time you leave the property.  As simple as this sounds, you wouldn’t believe how many customers tell me they only arm it while away on vacation…!  

Be wary of stacking all those presents under the tree in the living room window and advertising to “our friends, the window shoppers” that the presents are there for the taking all wrapped up and ready to go.   

Break down that the new TV/Computer/Big-purchase-item box before putting on the curb so as not to advertise to the neighborhood what Santa brought your family…

Stay safe and secure.  Please remember to test your alarm system regularly and call our service department for any problems that may arise as they are here to help you.

For more information on this and other solutions to your problems, don’t hesitate to call on one of our terrific sales representatives.

From our home to yours, have a safe holiday.

Steve Sopkin, President

Mijac Alarm


(909) 982-7612

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