Technology has changed so much in the past 20 years. Back in the early 1990s, Star Trek (a science fiction show set in the 24th century) featured portable computers called PADDs that would look outdated if they were next to the iPad in an Apple store today. It’s amazing to think how much not only technology, but our expectations about the future of technology, have changed in our lifetimes. One of the most significant benefits of all this rapidly-accelerating technological innovation is the ability to use it to make our homes and our families safer.

Recently, we discussed some easy-to-follow methods for securing your home while away on vacation. Something as simple as putting a lamp on a timer and suspending mail service can prevent your home from looking like an obvious target to burglars. However, some of us want greater peace of mind than what you get from these traditional security measures. Fortunately, there are some new high-tech innovations that make it easier than ever before to secure our homes. While there are a lot of interesting technologies on the horizon, today we are going to focus on two that are easy to implement this summer.

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Alarm Panel
Tuxedo Touch Alarm Panel

Mijac Alarm has long been a proud partner with Honeywell. They provide some of the best built and most technologically advanced alarm panels on the market, and help keep Mijac Alarm customers safe and secure.

Currently, Honeywell’s most advanced alarm panel is the Tuxedo Touch panel. This technological marvel is the perfect tool for Mijac Alarm customers who want to keep their home secured while they are away on vacation. The Tuxedo Touch panel can connect to any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, and allows users to arm or disarm from anywhere they have an internet connection.alarm arm/disarm

One of the other great features for travelers is the ability to lock and unlock the front door (with compatible door locks) remotely from a smartphone or tablet. This means that instead of giving your house sitter a key and alarm code to your home, you can just have them text or call you when they are at the door and you can then unlock the door and disarm the alarm while they are there, and lock and rearm the alarm when they leave. The Tuxedo Touch panel also provides confirmation that doors are locked and that the alarm is armed, so you can have peace of mind and truly enjoy your vacation.

Exacq Mobile CCTV

Many business owners (and some homeowners) like to keep an eye on their business (or home) using CCTV cameras. While this is relatively simple to do from a laptop or computer (many CCTV cameras can direct their feed sent over the internet), until recently it was difficult to check up on those feeds on a smartphone or cctv

Mijac Alarm works with a company that has solved this problem for good.Exacq Mobile provides smartphone and tablet apps that can connect to your home or business CCTV feed, allowing real-time viewing of your home or office. If you have CCTV cameras, or you want to get them for your home or business, make sure to call Mijac Alarm to discuss integrating Exacq Mobile into your CCTV system. You really do have to see it to believe it!

Since some of our technology is already 300 years ahead of the schedule Star Trek predicted, we can only guess at what technological marvels will come our way in the near future!

For more information about the high-tech security solutions we provide at Mijac Alarm, or to get general security information, please visit our main website by clicking here, or call us during regular business hours at (909)982-7612.

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