The holidays are just around the corner, as homes across the country will be filled with lots of new gifts and items. Unfortunately, criminals are also well aware of the season and will often target homes to steal these expensive new items. Understanding ways to keep all of your property and home protected is essential.

Security Tips that Will Keep Your Home and Items Protected

1. Invest in an Alarm System – The best way to keep your home secure is to partner with a home alarm company like Mijac Alarm. A security system will notify the police of any intrusions and will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is always well-protected and being monitored.

An alarm system is also an excellent deterrent against criminals, and you can even monitor your home from another location (via a smartphone) with home automation services.

2. Keep Your Priciest Items Out of View – One way to keep your stuff protected is to avoid tempting burglars with pricey items that are easy to see. Keeping expensive deliveries out of sight and away from windows will make it much less likely for you to be the next victim of a burglary. Relocating these items to a more secluded area is well worth the effort and can be the difference in helping you avoid a burglary.

3. Avoid Leaving Evidence at the Curb – Another safety tip is to avoid leaving evidence at the curb. Taking the time to break down boxes and fold them inside out is a great way to avoid any unwanted attention. Leaving out your new giant 65-inch flat-screen box on the curb is an easy way for would-be criminals to know there is a new big-ticket item sitting in your home.

Putting out boxes the night before or on garbage day is another good idea to avoid leaving boxes at the curb for days and attracting attention.

4. Keep Most Things Hidden – Putting expensive items in a safe and keeping your gadgets out of a view is a good way to make it difficult for a burglar to get all of your personal belongings. However, you may want to leave out some cash in easy-to-find spots to avoid a thief ransacking your entire home.

Contact Mijac Alarm to Learn How to Secure Your Home

Mijac Alarm is one of the leading home alarm companies in Southern California. We have over four decades worth of experience in the industry, and we can help you set up a security system for your home. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote!

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