Has your business or non-profit organization looked into hiring burglar alarm companies to protect your property?  If not, you may be missing out on one of the best security investments you can make! A set of burglar alarms monitored 24/7 by highly-trained professionals, can keep your property secure whenever you’re away.  Alarm systems bring numerous benefits and easily pay for themselves by preventing loss.  They may even help lower your insurance costs!

These are just a few of the reasons any business should invest in a modernized alarm system, even if they already have other security measures in place.

Four Ways That You Benefit by Having Burglar Alarm Companies Guard Your Business

  1. Preventing Crime

It’s nice to catch criminals in the act, but it’s even better to scare them off entirely.  When your business is protected by an alarm system, there are signs put up around your property warning off intruders.  Most would-be thieves will choose another target, rather than risk being caught burgling a property with alarm systems in place.

  1. Actionable intelligence 

Security systems don’t have to simply be dumb alarms tied to motion detectors.  Increasingly, they incorporate state-of-the-art audio and video monitoring as well.  You’ll have access to these systems and can make use of the intelligence they bring.  They are also usually admissible as evidence, should that be necessary.

  1. Improve morale

Your workforce will work harder if they know their jobs and property are being kept safe!  Security systems are an excellent morale-builder, particularly in businesses which would have a real risk of being vandalized.  No one wants to show up for work and discover their jobs have been endangered by a thief, and security systems prevent that.

  1. Integrated access control

Another feature which burglar alarm companies can add to your property is electronic access control.  Keycard or key fob-based access systems add an extra layer of security that benefits everyone, as well as helping ensure no one strays into areas they shouldn’t.  Whether it’s during work, or after, access control systems provide continuous protection from intrusion.

Work with One of America’s Top Burglar Alarm Companies

Mijac Alarm is constantly rated as being among America’s top 100 security companies.  That means we have the products, the expertise, and the experience to keep your business safe.  Contact us for a full consultation.


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