Whether you are a business owner or you are looking for a security system for your home, selecting the best alarm system provider that will ensure the safety of everyone on your property is a task that requires serious consideration.

Mijac Alarm is California’s top alarm system service provider, offering a range of security solutions that will protect you and your property at all times. Continue reading for our list of the top five most important things to look for when choosing an alarm systems provider.

Tips for Selecting the Right Alarm Systems Provider

1.Look for a proven track record

Technology and alarm response time differs between alarm service providers, which is why a history of helpful customer support and many years of experience is invaluable. Our team has been providing alarm system security to California residents since 1971, and we take tremendous pride in the countless positive customer reviews that we have received over the years.

2. A large selection of service

A reliable alarm system provider should have experience working in a wide range of practice areas, offering the expertise you need when implementing new security technology. While you may only currently need a fire alarm system for your business, you may one day require security cameras for further protection.

3. Review the company’s license and credentials

Property owners entrust alarm companies with access to their property and private security information. For this reason, it is essential to look into the company’s license and hiring process in order to ensure your safety. Mijac Alarm is a UL certified installer of alarm systems and has been listed as one of the top 100 US alarm system providers. We fingerprint all of our employees and conduct a thorough background check to ensure the safety of our customers.

4. Understand what you are paying for

Before selecting an alarm service provider, we encourage property owners to gain a thorough understanding of all of the inclusions in the price. Customers should expect alarm installation, an advanced monitoring system and ongoing customer support.

5. Look into the company’s support resources

Whether your alarm system experiences a malfunction, you wish to change your alarm call list, or you have any other inquiries, your alarm company should provide 24/7 support to ensure your security is never compromised. At Mijac Alarm, our customer support representatives are available at all hours.

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