It is true among doctors, and it is also true for burglar alarm companies – prevention is always the best medicine.  Sure, you have a burglar alarm to help keep unwanted intruders out of your house – but it is going to be better to keep them out entirely.

There are a lot of tricks “pro” burglars pull to try to spot targets and to minimize their time inside houses.  If you know these tricks, and move to block them, you can potentially prevent a break-in from occurring at all – and that is the best way to keep your property safe.

5 Tricks of Professional Burglars to Beware Of

  1. Checking your doorstep

You know those warnings people give about not letting newspapers pile up on your front porch because it makes the house look poorly-attended?  It is absolutely true.  Some burglars might even put something on your porch, like a promotional flyer, just to see how quickly it is picked up.

  1. They love snow days.

If it snows while you are away, have a neighbor walk around your yard and leave tracks.  Virgin snow is a “Please rob me” sign to burglars.

  1. “Casing the joint” is not just for banks

Do plenty of due diligence when hiring yard workers and similar day labor – they may be looking to haul off far more than your fallen leaves.  Be particularly wary if one asks to use the bathroom or otherwise enter your house.  They may be looking for valuables, or might even unlatch a window to give themselves access.

  1. If you use a safe, make sure it is tied down.

You would be surprised how often burglars are able to simply haul off an entire safe, to crack open at their leisure.  Secure it firmly in place so that is not an option.

  1. Burglars rarely check kids’ rooms.

There is too much that can go wrong in a child’s bedroom, and generally few valuables.  If you want a secure hiding place for important items, that is actually a good choice – assuming it is out of reach of the kids.

Be Smart to Prevent Burglaries

Remember – even the best burglar alarm companies are still limited by police response time, and pro burglars are very aware of average local response rates.  Be smart, avoid making yourself a target, and you will be able to avoid a lot of trouble.

Let Mijac Alarm Help

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