Taking the time to prepare for a fire can potentially be the difference between life and death. A fire can spread quickly throughout your business, leaving you very little time to respond. However, following a few simple fire escape planning tips from our Upland security team at Mijac can make a big difference for keeping everyone safe.

Preparing for A Fire – Having the Right Plan

  • Discuss A Plan with Your Employees

Developing an escape route with your employees is one of the most effective ways to prepare for an emergency. Reviewing this plan periodically will ensure that everyone is well-prepared at all times.

  • Select a Meeting Spot

Another key tip is to choose a meeting spot after everyone has made it safely outside of the building. A meeting spot is a great way to ensure that everyone is safe and will give you reassurance in the event of emergency.

  • Make Sure Windows Open Easily

Always checking to ensure that the windows open easily is a top priority in planning for a fire emergency in the workplace. You may also want to invest in a ladder that can be hung outside the window if your office is located on multiple floors.

  • Keep Office Doors Closed at Night

Keeping the doors of your offices closed at night can play a key role in slowing down the spread of a fire. It is also a good idea to check the smoke alarm batteries and fire alarms at least twice a year.

  • Never Go Back into The Building During a Fire

Never go back inside a building until the fire has been completely extinguished. If someone is missing, it is important to inform the firefighters, as they have the skills and necessary equipment to perform rescues.

Contact Mijac Alarm to Learn More About Fire Safety

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