Fire alarm monitoring companies are here to help you receive assistance ASAP, if a fire ever breaks out in your home.  However, this is a situation where prevention is absolutely the best medicine!  You might be surprised at how many items around your house are flammable!  Many of these – such as aerosol cans – tend to be clearly marked, but not always. 

Here are just a few things you should keep an eye on whenever they’re near heat or flames.

Five Surprising Household Objects That Are Flammable and/or Explosive

1. Mothballs

If you have mothballs lying around, they may not be in their packaging, which undoubtedly warns that they are highly flammable.  Older mothballs are made of naphthalene, which is particularly dangerous.  New ones are made of a material (para-dichlorobenzene) which is a bit less combustible, but still should be kept well away from heat or flame.

2. Flour, powdered sugar, and other powdered bakeables 

This one makes sense if you think about it – powdered ingredients intended to be baked are going to be easy to burn.  Normally, this isn’t an issue, but a cloud of flour or powdered sugar can actually be explosive if it comes into contact with a flame.

3. Paraffin-based creams

Check the ingredients if you use any moisturizing or medicinal skin creams.  If they are based in paraffin, you need to keep them away from fire.  Paraffin, after all, is also a common component in candles.   In particular, clothing soaked in a paraffin-based cream becomes extra flammable.   

4. Dryer lint

Clothes dryers are actually one of the biggest fire hazards in your home, due to just how easily dryer lint can combust.  It doesn’t even need fire, just high heat – like the heat produced by the dryer!  Always clean your lint tray before running the dryer.

(Fun fact: Dryer lint is actually an excellent fire-starter if you have a fireplace.)

5. Automobile fluids

You undoubtedly know that gasoline and car oil are flammable – but what about anti-freeze or brake fluid?  Yes, they’re almost as combustible.  Aside from water, pretty much any fluid you put in your car is highly flammable and should be handled with care.

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