A Security Systems Company for Your School, Municipality or Project

With over 4 decades of experience right here in Southern California, we continually provide you the most advanced and reliable security systems available. Maintaining only one phone number for you to call anytime day or night puts you in direct contact with our staff, not an answering machine. Customization of reports sent to you via email can help you work smarter, not harder and with less on-hand staffing. We stress a consistent list of equipment be specified to better serve your needs and believe the better educated our clients become, the better security systems company we can be to you and your staff.

“I want a reliable partner I can count on even in a tough situation…”

  • Mijac monitors and maintains over a thousand school and Municipality systems
  • Non-Proprietary equipment means the client is not locked in to one solution
  • Individual arming codes assigned to each individual to help track and maintain integrity
  • Integration of many different platforms to meet specific needs
  • Finished projects within budget and on-time translates to less stress for our clients
  • Risk evaluation encompassing your entire fleet of facilities

Detailed security planning and professional risk assessment are the foundation that Mijac Alarm uses to evaluate your short term concerns and also assists us in anticipating what you may require in the future.

To learn more about what’s made Mijac Alarm one of the leading security systems companies in the area, call us today at (909) 982-9716. You can also visit our website and fill out our online contact form!