Remote Video Services for Your School, Municipality or Project

Do your employees require more training? Is your production line moving smoothly? Is your gated area under surveillance? Using Remote Video Services opens up many different constructive features while away from the site. Using our Smartphone App, you can view the site 24 hours a day. Tying your video system to our UL Central Station, upon alarm activation, our operators are able to better determine the situation at hand. That information is forwarded to the proper authorities giving them the opportunity to better serve you and the community. Remote Video Services can help lower false alarm activations caused by employees, environmental factors and stray animals.

“False calls to the police department are killing me…”

  • View your site anytime, anywhere using your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Assess the threat level to your property in real time
  • Check in on employees
  • View customer service lines from anywhere in the world
  • Satisfies Police departments requiring “Verified Response” prior to dispatching.

With Mijac Alarm’s remote video application, just because you’ve left the facility, doesn’t mean you are gone. Stay connected via our Remote Video Services 24 hours a day.