Access Control & Electronic Locks for Your School, Municipality or Project

Want to track an employee’s movements over the last 30 days? Which doors did he access and at what times? Is your key policy difficult to manage or non-existent? Dozens of buildings miles apart can be tied together with one simple software platform that requires very little training to operate. We can even help you manage your employee base or help with remote programming.

“How am I going to control all of my buildings without any hassle?”

  • Multi-Platform System Integration
  • Internet, modem or local based solutions tie all of your buildings under one platform
  • Asset and inventory protection
  • Consistency of product utilized
  • Non-Proprietary platform allows you flexibility for future service using different suppliers

Data backups, fail secure or fail safe locks, help with design is all part of the package. Access Control on an Enterprise level gives you greater control over a much broader platform.