Our Commitment to Your School, Municipality or Large Scale Deployment

At Mijac Alarm we believe a balance must be struck between attention to detail and keeping an eye on the big picture for clients with large numbers of properties such as School Districts, Municipalities, Property Management and Chain Stores. Each individual location requires a unique set of needs but must maintain a consistency of policy, procedures and equipment.

What does this mean to you? Faster training for less confusion of your employees when traveling from site to site. On hand equipment for immediate replacement translates to less down time. One call to a single phone number, day or night is all you need to mobilize our fleet of service technicians to assist you and your management team.

Some competitors only use “Proprietary Equipment”. This highly selective policy of licensing a small handful of alarm dealers by the factory means once installed, you are stuck with that provider forever. Imagine buying a brand new vehicle and only being able to service it at ONE dealership within a 100 miles and they have to come to you! At Mijac Alarm, we recommend Non-Proprietary equipment made right here in the USA for our larger clients. Using off the shelf equipment from dozens of suppliers allows you the ability to get assistance from hundreds of security providers across Southern California. After all, if we can’t keep you satisfied, we don’t deserve to keep you as a client.

Working with purchasing agents, I.T. professionals, facility managers and security personnel, and our can-do attitude along with reliable customer service allows you to rely on Mijac Alarm when you need us most.