When you get a CCTV camera installation, you can reasonably expect it to give you years of quality service.  However, like with all electronic devices, there’s always the chance of minor problems cropping up to prevent the system from working correctly.  Fortunately, very often these problems are easily fixed.

If you’re ever having trouble with your security cameras, here’s a good checklist of easy troubleshooting steps before you call in for repair.

How To Troubleshoot Your CCTV Camera Installation

1. Check the power cable

Yes, this is as basic as it gets, but it’s so easy for a power cord to become dislodged without people noticing. If you’re having power issues with your camera, always check its power cord.  Likewise…

2. Check the power specifications of your plug

CCTV systems generally require quite a bit of power, and it’s critical to use a power plug and a socket which support the listed voltage.  Make sure everything is up to spec, or you could have intermittent power problems.

3. Verify the storage media is working properly

Another common problem with CCTV systems isn’t with the cameras, it’s with the storage system.  Check the equipment the cameras are feeding into and make sure those are working properly, particularly if it’s going into a standalone system such as a VCR or DVR box.

4. Look for computer problems

If your CCTV is feeding directly into a computer, make sure that computer is functioning properly.  In particular, issues with either the hard drive or the video card can easily cause issues with your CCTV system as well. 

If you think it’s a problem with a component within the computer, don’t jump to assuming you need to replace them.  First, power down and unplug the computer, then remove and re-seat all the key internal components such as the video card and the hard drive cables.  This will often fix minor hardware problems!

Finally, don’t forget to check the software running on the computer. Has your CCTV software updated lately?  The update might be causing problems.  Try rolling the system back, if so.

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