Anyone with a commercial fire alarm monitoring system needs to know the dos and don’ts. There is a lot of information to take in and understand, which can make things tricky. However, with a knowledgeable team at your side, you will never feel in the dark. Our team at Mijac Alarm outlines all of the things that can go right and wrong with these systems to help keep you up to date.

Fire Alarms

When it comes to fire alarms and smoke detectors, they are the first things thatare going to protect you from potential damages from fire. For this reason, it is crucial to keep up with their maintenance. Some dos include ensuring regular inspections, testing them regularly, and maintaining all documentation.

On the flip side, one thing you should never do is underestimate the importance of inspecting and maintaining them regularly. You should also ensure that all of your employees know what to do when they go off

Extinguishers and Suppression Systems

Extinguishers and larger suppression systems such as overhead sprinklers and foam systems are necessary to put out bigger fires in the larger areas of your facility. This means you should always do the following:

  • Maintain number and type required by regulations
  • Keep them at proper space intervals
  • Inspect and test both extinguishers and suppression systems regularly.

You should never put off inspections or neglect basic training for you and your employees.

Emergency Lighting

Lighting is necessary for emergency situations and can mean the difference between injuries and safety. Always make sure emergency lights will activate when the main power goes out and test all lights and exits signs regularly. Conversely, never miss any test or inspection (which typically comprise of two phases in total).

Get Professional Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our security team at Mijac Alarmcan help you ensure that your commercial fire alarm monitoring is always up-to-date. For more information, contact our team today.

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