Access Control is more than just a lock on the door.

Many times businesses research buying an electronic solution to prevent all their woes from happening.   Don’t underestimate the best part of any security system… the owner and his employees taking notice of everyone that is onsite. 

What do I mean by this?  Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie in which the bad guy picks up a clipboard as he walks into the facility, steals a hat and he’s off and running to every nook and cranny in the place?  If the employees and management had kept an eye out for the proper identification badge displayed on this shyster, the movie would have had a new ending! 

Keeping in mind that two eyes and a smart employee are better than almost all the wizardry of an electronic security system, badges and identification products such as the ones we recommend complete with a photo, color stripe and company logo add value to any security plan.  When using a card access system with electronic locks, gaining entry into the different areas is done using a special card with a proximity chip embedded inside.  This chip reacts with the electronics to open doors on a predetermined schedule. Using a badge system allows managers to visually see if anyone has crossed into a unauthorized area.  For more information on this and other solutions to your problems, don’t hesitate to call on one of our terrific sales representatives.

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