DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to save a few dollars by adding “install an alarm system” to the weekend’s honey-do list, but there are a number of challenges and potential safety issues to bear in mind.
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What equipment to buy?

Off-the-shelf packages provided by many big-box stores and online retailers tend to negate the extreme importance security professionals bring to the table.American-made products might carry a slightly higher production fee they will always include a UL approval stamp, meet national guidelines and undergo a vetting process that includes millions of alarm installations.A respected product line like Honeywell Security ensures your safety.

How do I prevent a false alarm?

Almost every city in the U. S. now has a False Alarm Ordinance.A yearly registration fee along with a fine for any false activation during the year can be quite costly.Fines upwards of $300 are levied in the city of Fontana for a single false dispatch. Remember, you can be fined whether the police department is called directly by you or by your next door neighbor. Security professionals go through years of training that includes proper installation and location of devices to help ensure the lowest false alarm activations in the industry.


One big advantage a DIY security system offers is the lack of installation fees. However, there’s a reason professional installers are recommended. Installing a security system is a complex task, and it must be done correctly in order to serve its intended function. Something as simple as an incorrectly connected wire could render the whole system useless and put your family’s safety at risk.Improperly installed sensors can have problems with radio frequency interference.Battery life can be greatly compromised causing you more headaches than you’ve bargained for.Professional installers in California are individually licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs in Sacramento.Fingerprints and a background check are standard to make sure the person in your home is honest, and all professional alarm companies are covered by insurance! Think about that the next time you’re on top of that tall ladder!


Even if you successfully install a home security system, your work is far from done. A security system requires routine maintenance to remain in proper working condition. This includes testing alarms, checking connections and other regular maintenance. If hardware needs to be replaced, you’ll need to purchase it yourself.Will it even be available from the big box or online retailer only interested in selling the current product on their shelf?Where does this leave the D.I.Y. enthusiast?Starting over!

It won’t happen to me…

It’s a common mantra repeated all across the country, but the false sense of security many people have can be dangerous. The statistics are shocking. On average, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S., which translates to well over two million burglaries every year.

According to industry experts, residences with a safe home security system are 600 percent less likely to experience a break-in. There’s no doubt an effective security system is an essential tool for keeping your family safe.


Another perceived advantage of a DIY system is the absence of a monitoring fee. Unfortunately, that also means that you’ll be missing out on critical professional alarm monitoring services offered by most security companies. Even if you decide later that you’d like professional monitoring, most reputable California security services do not offer monitoring for a home-installed system. You’ll be responsible for monitoring your own security system.Imagine you’re on that cruise vacation and your alarm system starts ringing 3,000 miles away, now what?

Additional Features

A reputable home security service offers a number of features beyond just alarm monitoring. Most services offer a battery backup system and other redundancies, panic buttons, fire monitoring services and sometimes carbon monoxide monitoring. A professional service can contact the appropriate authorities immediately, ensuring you get the fastest possible response time in the event of an emergency.Though you may be the kind of person who hates to pay others to do something you can do yourself, a professionally installed and monitored security system may be well worth the investment.

The Golden Parachute…

Would you take the chance of packing your own parachute for your first jump?Installing a security system just once in your life takes time, preparation and skill.Keep in mind that, like a parachute that unfolds to create the safety canopy above your head when jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, your alarm system may only have ONE chance to help thwart a burglar from causing harm to your property and family.

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