California security systems offer you a host of options when it comes to finding the best protection to suit your needs. Whether you need surveillance for your home or business, you can rest assured that there is a package that will work for you. With advances in modern technology, a wireless alarm system is one of the wisest components to complete your monitoring equipment. When you go wireless, you have a new kind of flexibility that wasn’t possible with older systems that were tied down by wires and cables. Read on to find out what wireless alarm systems can do for you and your family.

Easy, Economical Installation

Wireless alarm systems are much more economical than traditional wired systems; because wireless relies on radio signals, it does not need to be connected to cables and wires that are much more complicated to install. Older systems would involve drilling holes, running wires and much more time and labor from security technicians. Whether you need an alarm system set up in one room, or multiple rooms, they can be handled quickly and cost effectively.

Take It With You

Ease of relocating wireless components is another benefit that comes with this versatile security product. If you don’t know if you’ll be in one location for long, wireless systems can be packed up and moved so you don’t have to pay to have a new one installed.

More Reach

Wireless systems can provide security for a large area. This quality is especially advantageous for a homeowner with a residence of considerable size or a business owner who has multiple buildings. Everything is connected through these technological marvels.


In the past, home surveillance systems that were bound by wires and power cords were vulnerable; if there was a power outage or a problem with Internet cables, your security system could go off line. You might find yourself lacking protection in a black out– a prime moment for criminals to act. A wireless system is more durable and less prone to interference and have battery power as an alternative power source. Some systems even have the added feature of raising an alarm for authorities when the system has been damaged. In older California security systems, homeowners and business owners would often be frustrated when thieves or vandals simply cut the wires of the security system, effectively leaving the property in the dark.

Additional Features

Besides protecting a home from intrusion, vandalism, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning, wireless systems can actually integrate various controls for the entire property. From lighting to climate control and locking up, the wireless system can do it all. These options can also be available remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

Remote Repair

Older security systems were a real hassle when there was a problem and a technician would need to come to the site and work on the system. Sometimes, it might require getting parts, leaving the property unprotected. It took more time and labor, costing the customer more money. Today’s wireless systems can actually be repaired remotely with the help of online assistance.

The field of home security is shifting to wireless alarm systems because of their ease of use, convenience, reliability and affordability. For more information, our professionals at Mijac Alarm are happy to answer any questions you may have.​

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