Today’s businesses require a comprehensive security system to safeguard their in-house assets. In managing your company’s security needs, it is important to work with a local Upland, California security specialist to ensure your employees and your business assets are protected around the clock. Our team at Mijac Alarm has decades of experience in the security field and in this latest post we are highlighting our local security options.

Business Access Control

One of the most important elements in safeguarding your business is controlling who has access to the building throughout the day. Our access control solutions keep you in charge and help mitigate incidents of unauthorized access. Working with our team, you can achieve a custom solution to your business’s security challenges. We can help you build an access control system for your property, whether you have one entryway or hundreds. Our engineers will review the property and look for weaknesses in the current infrastructure. They can then respond with access control solutions built specifically for your Upland, California company and its unique security considerations.

Security Cameras

Your business requires oversight to ensure complete protection around the clock. The latest security camera systems are designed to capture all events in and around your business and provide you with a birds-eye-view on all working processes regardless of your current location. Our team at Mijac Alarm in Upland, California can integrate security cameras throughout your property, whether you need a simple system to oversee cash handling operations or a large-scale solution designed to offer a 40-megapixel insight into high-risk working areas. Our solutions are among the most reliable in the industry and provide you with a foolproof way to secure your organization against the latest threats.

Fire Alarms

We know the damage that fires can cause to the average Upland, California company. This has been highlighted by the recent wildfires, which have destroyed over 3000 California homes and businesses. Our fire alarms are designed to offer an immediate connection to the local fire department, limiting the response time to fire events and helping to protect your staff and your business assets.

The team at Mijac Alarm is here to guide you in choosing security solutions for your business. To discover more on the options available, call us today.

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