It is my belief that good customer service is the livelihood of any business. As an employee of Mijac Alarm, my opinion might seem a bit biased and unimportant but having worked here only a year it has been such a great pleasure to learn from many of my co-workers about what GOOD customer service should be. As a child my dad who is also a business owner would always remind us kids of a quote from Lewis Carol, “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others”.  This one sentiment is something that I truly believe because when you help another person there is more than a simple sense of accomplishment, there is a bond that has been built with trust.

Many times I have found myself frustrated with big corporations (my cable company), and the lack of customer service they provide, such as making promises they can’t keep which may be something as simple as a returning a phone call or a pre-arranged appointment. Simple gestures like following through will not only make someone feel more comfortable but it also helps them feel like they made the right decision with the service they have chosen. The reason why I mention this is because here at Mijac Alarm if we make the promise to call a customer back we do everything possible to keep that promise in hopes that our customer will be happy and therefore create a more positive experience and allow them to have a better day. Knowing that I have done everything in my power and gone the extra mile for my customer, not only gives me a positive attitude but also makes me appreciate the service I receive wherever I happen to find myself.

-Brenda Berumen, Data Entry Specialist

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