Dark of Night? No Problem!

No stopping the power of video

In honor of our Silly Burglar postings, we’ve got an interesting video that really illustrates how surveillance technology can work for you. Take a look at the video, from our professional monitoring station that brings credence to the fact that the latest video technologies are an essential, proactive tool that can help both home and business customers avoid a break in and loss. With video surveillance, you’ll have greater peace of mind and added assurance that your security system is positioned to help you!

In this case, the central station dispatcher got the alert from a motion detector, triggering live video to her desktop. Even in the darkness with nighttime illumination, this special technology allowed her to give a description of the perpetrator to police, who responded in a timely manner – before a loss occurred.

What is video verification?

Mijac Alarm uses the industry leading, patented and award winning I-View Now video. I-View Now is what we in the security industry refer to as video verification. Video verification has strong ties to preventing false alarms, and that’s where it definitely got a big boost. That’s because it allows us an added measure to verify alarms, and even provide visual evidence of the nature of the alarm – like a bump in the night/environmental disturbance or an actual burglary in progress. This type of enhancement gives our customers more information and also provides central station operators the detailed information they need to provide to police when they do have to respond to an alarm in progress. Everyone is better prepared and safer all around.

Video verification also results in fewer inadvertent alarm calls to police and responding authorities so they can concentrate their efforts on real emergencies. And when it is a real emergency or intrusion, with video verification we have solid visual evidence and facts we can share with police, which results in quicker response.

Technology is about creating safer communities and the ability to provide detailed information. Contact Mijac Alarm today to learn about all the latest crime prevention services available for your home or business.

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