A stitch in time saves nine. While we all may have heard of this famous adage at some point, we often fail to remember it in case of emergencies. For instance, when a fire starts while you are away, a prompt response is the only way to save lives and property. That is where the difference between a residential or commercial fire alarm monitoring system and un-monitored system come into play.

Our Mijac Alarm team highlights the benefits of choosing their monitoring alarm system.

Difference between Monitored and Un-Monitored Fire Alarms

  • Simply put, a monitored fire alarm is one that is being actively monitored by a professional security company. A traditional un-monitored alarm may activate in case of a fire, but if there is no one in the vicinity to hear the alarm, there is no way to know that it has started. That is the reason why there are so many instances of fire disasters despite a fire alarm in the home or business.
  • Monitored fire alarm systems ensure that first responders are quickly warned of an emergency and can arrive at the scene within minutes, irrespective of your presence. The reaction time of a monitored fire alarm system is far less than that of un-monitored systems, enabling prompt action and ensuring the safety of lives and property.
  • A monitored fire alarm system gives you more peace of mind since there is a team of professionals always keeping an eye on your property. Even if you are away, or do not hear the alarm, the staff monitoring will be alerted, and prompt action will be taken. The quicker the reaction time, the better the chances of saving both property and lives.

The Promise of Mijac Alarm

South California-based Mijac Alarm has over four decades of experience installing over 10,000 home and commercial fire alarm monitoring systems. Our expert team, dedicated service, personalized products, and the commitment to our customers are some of the reasons that make Mijac Alarm stand out from the rest. Whether you need a security solution for your home or a commercial fire alarm system for your business, Mijac Alarm is your one-stop destination for all your security needs.

For quality residential and commercial fire alarm monitoring systems, contact Mijac Alarm today.

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