If you are a California building owner or facility manager, knowing the ins and outs of commercial fire alarm monitoring is crucial. Why? Even though they can help increase occupancy, a poorly designed system can be a danger. Our team atMijac Alarm is going to outline some of the important factors to consider when designing a fire alarm system.

  • Early Detection

It is always in your best interest to install an early detection system, even if fire prevention codes doesnot require one. For modern systems, intelligent technology is invaluable. These will detect smoke and fire signatures and prevent false alarms stemming from steam and dirt. It can also detect fires and sources as early as possible, making fire department notification easier.

  • False Alarms

Since the detection of fire or smoke will notify fire departments and occupants, regular false alarms can become a problem. If they continue to happen regularly, it will not only be a financial burden, it will desensitize occupants and workers and create danger when a real fire takes place. For this reason, avoiding false alarms is crucial.

  • Fees

Every time a false alarm goes off, it is not only dangerous for future reactions but expensive due to fees. Since building owners are accountable to fire departments, letting the functionality of your system decline will cost you. This is why hiring a knowledgeable company to take care of your fire alarm systems is necessary.

At Mijac Alarm, our residential and business security systems experts can provide you with commercial fire alarm monitoring that puts safety and efficiency first. With our team by your side, you do not need to worry about faulty systems costing you and your tenants. Contact us today for more information about fire alarms and more.

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