Do you have a property or business and want to ensure that you have optimized your fire safety procedures? Well now is the time to invest in high-quality commercial fire alarm monitoring. Check out these reasons why upgrading your fire security systems is crucial in order to protect yourself, customers, and staff.

Fire sprinklers and fire alarms – While most people think that sprinklers are one of the most efficient ways to protect against fire, the reality is that sprinklers should always go hand in hand with a quality alarm and monitoring system. When sensors are placed properly throughout the property, fire alarms will help warn any occupants to evacuate the premises before smoke inhalation or barriers to exit become a serious hazard. Having high-powered alarms is also crucial in helping first responders pinpoint any problem areas and warning individuals who are about to enter the premises to hold off until assistance can arrive.

Remote Monitoring with Fire Alarms – In the case of a possible fire, having your fire alarm trigger a remote monitoring system that can allow a monitoring center to check in on the situation is incredibly valuable. This will allow the monitoring center to alert the authorities in case of an emergency so they can respond as quickly as possible. If you have an app or device which tracks remote monitoring, you’ll also be given an instant notification and will be able to assess the situation from afar and respond appropriately. 

Fire System Inspections – While installing and monitoring can certainly get the ball rolling in upgrading your fire security, a final yet crucial consideration is maintenance. It is incredibly important that your fire security systems are being inspected in the proper timeframe. For larger facilities, this might mean every few months, and for smaller facilities, this might mean annually. However, it’s necessary to ensure that your systems aren’t just present but working at peak capacity and equipped with any upgrades that may be needed.

Get Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Make sure your property is equipped with the best fire security systems available and get in touch with Mijac Alarm today for a consultation. Our expert security professionals will work with you to ensure that your fire response systems are as safe as possible and walk you through our remote monitoring platforms so you can be notified instantly if any issues were to arise. Get in touch for a free quote and let us fulfill all of your fire alarm system needs today!

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