Looking to protect your home or business on a budget? If so, you may have considered setting up “fake” security cameras. What is a fake security camera? Basically, it’s a real (or dummy) camera that at first glance looks like it sees all but doesn’t connect to anything. It doesn’t record and instead is used to hopefully scare off would-be criminals.

Kind of like having a “Beware of Dog” signs in the front window without actually having a dog. It might sound like a good idea, but the problem is, fake security cameras will let you down more than you know. Here are four reasons why fake security cameras don’t work and why you need to go with professional alarm monitoring companies like Mijac Alarm.

  • Up a Creek with Crooks

Some criminals don’t really care if there is a security system or cameras in place. If they show up with faces covered you can’t see what they look like, so they may just try breaking in. If they perform a smash and grab and steal valuable belongings, your fake security cameras will not help you track down the crooks. Instead, you would have just spent money installing fake security cameras with no benefit at all.

  • No Connection

When proper security cameras are installed and connected properly, the hardware supports the security for both your residential and commercial properties. The cameras can send a small clip of the scene in front of the camera to our Central Monitoring center and the operators actually get to see what is going on at the site for better determination for dispatching purposes.  This way, professionals can help you regardless of the situation.

  • Can’t See Activity

One of the benefits of having security cameras installed is monitoring what’s going on outside. Run a home business and expect deliveries? You can see when the delivery company drops off your package, or when a solicitor is at your door. Fake security cameras don’t provide you with any of the benefits, which can cut down on your productivity.

  • Nothing to See Here

In reality, fake security cameras may not provide you with any benefit at all. Plus, many fake camera systems are easily identified, especially by seasoned criminals, so the fake cameras provide you with no security benefits or monitoring advantages.

Contact Mijac Alarm

If you are serious about setting up a proper security system, you need to look to the professionals at Mijac Alarm. This is one of the best alarm monitoring companies in the region and one you can rely on for all of your camera installation and security needs. So, whether you have questions about security services or are ready to begin hardware installation, Mijac Alarm is just a phone call away.

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