It’s that time of year again when the kids are heading back to school. Parents are working, it’s time to jump into sports, and all sorts of extracurricular activities will be going on. As a first rate California security company, we make your children a top priority. Take the following tips in all the coming and going to make sure the kids are safe as the school year begins.

Teach Your Child Important Contact Information
Your child should know your home phone number, address and the full names of both parents in the event of an emergency. Start to practice this information when your child is at a young age until it’s memorized.

Be Safe With Backpacks
Safe home security is great when you’re at home but you want to protect your kids while they are on the go as well. Be sure to pick out a quality backpack before classes begin. You should pick a backpack that consists of a sturdy material that is strong enough to withstand the weight of textbooks and papers. Padded shoulder straps are a wise choice as well to protect your child’s back. Remember as a rule of thumb that no one should carry more than ten percent of their weight. If a heavier load is anticipated, try a backpack that is on wheels and can be towed.

Stay Safe When Walking
For children who need to walk to school, a sidewalk is the path of choice. However, if there are no sidewalks, remember to tell your child to walk on the left side of the road, as close to the shoulder as possible. There should be no distractions while walking either; cell phones, music players with headphones and handheld games are not a wise choice. Your child should never talk to strangers. It’s also important to stick to a safe, well-known route with another child. Remember that there is strength in numbers. If your child sees anything that is strange or upsetting, it’s time to follow his or her instincts and ask for help.

Practice Safe Bicycle Habits
When children of any age are riding the bicycle to school, they should always wear a helmet, have reflectors on their bikes, and wear bright clothing, especially if they will be riding when it starts to get dark. Once again, music players and headphones can be dangerous on a bike ride. If your child chooses to go by skateboard, roller blade or scooter, a helmet and protective padding is a must.

Be Safe at Home
California security means providing a safe haven for children every day when they get home from school. With safe home security measures in place, you can breathe easy if your child arrives home before you each day. With an alarm system and monitoring service or cameras in place, your child will have the peace of mind knowing the home is secure and no intruders have access to the residence. Remind your child to lock the doors once at home. No one should be allowed access if they are strangers and your child should not have after-school guests or company when no adults are at home for optimal safety.

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