In the summer months, families are more likely to grill outdoors and enjoy the pleasant weather. Unfortunately, nearly 10,000 home fires from 2006-2010 were caused by gas or charcoal grills, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Over a fourth of these fires occur out on a terrace or courtyard setting, while less than 10 percent actually occur in the home. It’s important for families to understand California fire and safety tips before they start grilling outside so they have the best chance of staying safe all summer long.

Mijac Alarm is a California-based security company that wants to alert homeowners to the dangers of grill fires. Almost 90% of grill fires are caused by gas grills, with a little over 10% being caused by charcoal The reason for this occurrence is mostly due to exposure of flames and the gas that is used to keep these flames going in gas grills for long periods of time, while charcoal grills are more contained and work based on heat. Gas grills are also more common for grilling purposes than charcoal grills are. Knowing the dangers of both gas and charcoal grills can help a homeowner make wiser choices when it comes to California fire and safety precautions.

The best home security system includes a fire alarm to alert homeowners of dangers both inside and outside their homes. That being said, grill safety largely falls on the homeowners themselves to prevent fires. While it seems like common sense to never grill around hanging branches, to keep lighter fluid away from heat and children, and even to make sure that coals are fully extinguished before disposing of them, it’s these oversights that cause house fires every single summer.

A few simple tips, like never leaving a grill unattended, never using more lighter fluid than necessary, always using charcoal grills outdoors, and only grilling in areas where they cannot be knocked over, can help make a home much safer. However, homeowners can also invest in the best home security system that includes fire safety so they can have added protection in and around their homes.

Mijac Alarm is dedicated to making its customers feel safe at all times, and this includes warning them about the dangers of grilling without using appropriate precaution. Since even the best home security system cannot protect against all fire dangers, it’s important for homeowners use common sense when cooking both in and out of doors.

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