Fourth of July is an exciting time of year for many Americans, but is also a dangerous one because it mixes risky elements, such as fireworks, grilling and alcohol, and it usually takes place during a dry period when inflammables are prevalent. Before planning your big Fourth of July event, consider the dangers as well as any risks associated with your particular home and property to keep you safe this holiday.


For many Americans, the Fourth of July is just not the same without fireworks. Unfortunately, fireworks are very dangerous, so it’s imperative that homeowners take the necessary steps to protect their families and homes this holiday. The first step should be to review potential problem areas, such as the roof, the three-foot area around the home and any areas with inflammables. Even if you’re not lighting fireworks, taking this step protects you against other people who may be celebrating with fireworks in the neighborhood. Next, prepare a designated fireworks area. Extend the hose to it, have some buckets of water prepared and keep the water running when igniting the fireworks. An adult should supervise the area at all times, and never allow children to light the fireworks. If a device doesn’t light properly, simply wait and then discard it.


Grilling should occur in a designated space that has been prepared for the activity. The area should be at least three feet away from the home and have a zone of at least three feet around it where children and pets are not permitted. An adult should attend the grill at all times until the unit is off and fully cooled. Clean the grill thoroughly prior to the event so no unexpected flare-ups occur.

Optimal California Fire and Safety

The best home security system for optimal fire and safety is one that’s wireless and monitored 24/7. With a wireless system, it isn’t simply a matter of convenience; it allows for a system that extends to your entire property, which is particularly important during summer months you and your family spend more time outside. These systems allow you to put smoke alarms and other security devices outside the home. An outdoor wireless alarm near a designated grilling area, for instance, is a relatively small expense that adds a great deal of fire prevention to that zone.

Mijac Alarm

California homeowners in the market for the best home security system possible should call Mijac alarm. Since 1971, Mijac Alarm has been a leading provider of commercial and residential security equipment and services in Southern California. Mijac Alarm sets itself apart by designing a custom security solution for every client, which ensures that you get the best security solution possible for your unique home. Mijac Alarm is also available to answer any questions you may have about California fire and safety during the Fourth of July and other peak danger periods.​

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