Business Cameras

Want to know what happens while the boss is away? Worried about inventory shrinkage? Need an extra pair of eyes on the production line? CCTV Video Surveillance can be used for both internal and external problems that plague your business. Mijac Alarm future proofs your investment by always running Cat5 cable for cameras. Using state of the art technology, we can solve issues of license plate identification, money handling, and governmental compliance issues. From a simple 350 line resolution camera to a 40 Megapixel view of the entire football field, our Security Consultants are sure to give you the help you need.

“I wonder what my employees are doing when I’m not in the office…”

  • Prevent internal theft
  • Resolve workers compensation disputes
  • Help manage employees
  • Our Smartphone App and your personal password can connect you to your business
  • Run your business efficiently from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Low light level Infrared technology allows cameras to see in complete darkness
  • Enlarge previously recorded video to view detail you need

Wish you had eyes in the back of your head? Cameras are a great way of tying together your overall security plan and making sure your entire staff is heading in the correct direction.