Business Access Control

Eliminate keys to your building while keeping track of employees entering your facility is the basis of Access Control. Keyfobs, access cards, proximity sensors wired directly to the control panel or fully connected through the Internet build your security plan from the ground up. Whether you have one building with one door to protect or hundreds of doors in multiple buildings, our staff will help you plan for the long term growth of your company.

“I can’t believe we have to re-key our building again…”

  • Electronics locks installed on all priority doors
  • You decide who can enter and when
  • Retrofit or ground up installation
  • Warehouse employees given access to enter only during business hours
  • Management staff maintains full access throughout the facility
  • Multiple buildings are contained with the simple click of a button giving you:
    • Greater control
    • Reporting capabilities
    • A documented history of your employees

Mijac Alarm specializes in all types of security. Our staff helps to layer your defenses seamlessly over your current setup. Start a conversation today by calling for a free, no pressure written estimate for your review.