In recent years, cybersecurity has become a major problem among businesses of all sizes. Without the proper security mechanisms in place, hackers may be able to compromise your data, record personal information and steal money from your online accounts.

Our security experts at Mijac Alarm offer several business security services that will safeguard your in-person business operations; however, we understand the importance of protecting yourself in the digital world as well. Continue reading to learn a few tips that you can use to defend your business against digital intruders.

Tips to Secure Your Online Business

Identify your risk factors – All businesses have a unique set of risk factors to consider when implementing security services and technology. For example, if you deal with sensitive documents and files, preventing intruders from accessing your written documents will be essential to the success of your business. Similarly, if you operate an online retail business, it is important to secure the passwords you use to access the back end of your website.

Take advantage of modern password security tools – In the past decade, most websites have adopted strategies that encourage users to create unique passwords that include, numbers, symbols, and case sensitivity. However, many of us are guilty of cutting corners when it comes to our password security.

Whether you use the same password for every account or you keep hard copies of all your passwords, it is time to update your security process. Thankfully, most websites offer access to a secure password manager that allows you to create a new password for every account, without the hassle of remembering them all. Additionally, we recommend taking advantage of online accounts that offer multi-factor identification to ensure an extra layer of security.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi – With many business owners working remotely, it is not uncommon to find coffee shops full of people working on their laptops for hours on end. Many individuals do not, however, consider the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi. Sharing an open Wi-Fi connection makes it incredibly easy for data breaches to occur.

If you frequently work online in public, you may consider investing in a VPN, which gives you a secure, private network where you can manage your data without putting your business at risk.

Backup your data

When data is stolen, it is not only frightening, but it can also be extremely inconvenient and cause a major disruption to your workflow. In the event that someone gains access to your private work documents, it is important to ensure you will still have access to them so that you can continue to work on them. Backing your data up to the cloud regularly is a great way to ensure you do not lose any important files due to someone else’s actions.

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