commercial securityTheft, crime and violence are an unfortunate part of running a business today, and it’s essential for companies of all sizes to ensure that potential security issues are addressed before they become a problem. Installing a strong commercial security system and remaining aware of new and emerging security threats are just a small part of keeping a business’s employees, profits and reputation safe.

Common Security Threats

The first step to creating a comprehensive security program is an awareness of current threats and the best way to protect against them. Some threats have been a danger to businesses for centuries while other threats have been around for a much shorter time. For example, cyber crime is fairly new while general vandalism and physical theft has existed since ancient humans decided to open businesses.

Companies must consider each of the following security issues when designing a safe and profitable business environment:

• Cyber crime
• Employee theft
• Natural disasters
• Outside theft
• Vandalism

Each of these potential problems requires a separate solution, but security efforts must be part of a larger awareness of security issues. A plan that covers all aspects of security will ensure that there are no overlaps in security and that money isn’t being wasted in redundancies.

Creating an Effective Security Program

A safe work environment comes as much from the California security system installed on the premises as from the level of employee awareness about common threats and security issues. One of the challenges that companies have today regarding security plans is that employee theft has risen to epidemic levels in recent years.

This problem has made it necessary for companies to create a security plan that protects employees from outside dangers, but which also protects the company from internal theft. Without adequate security protection, a business may suffer from significant loss of company property, like computers and other expensive devices.

Some companies might need to install extra surveillance cameras in sensitive areas of a building where employees routinely enter and leave the building. Security cameras that lead to the employee parking lot, as well as cameras placed in public areas where employees congregate are just as important as those that watch the store shelves in a retail structure or those that are trained on the cash registers.

Ensuring Strong Cyber Protection

The security system must also work hand-in-hand with the computer system in use at the company. Most businesses need to assume there are cyber criminals looking to get information about customers like addresses, credit card numbers and other vital information. Large security breaches in the digital realm have become just as damaging to companies as those that occur in the physical world.

It’s essential for businesses to understand that customer information must be protected. There are laws that require companies to provide adequate protection against theft or robbery of private data. Civil litigation is possible as are government fines that may cause irreversible damage to a company’s profits. Every day, cyber criminals think up new ways to break into computer systems. Internet security needs to be on the company’s radar at all times.

To provide a safe environment for employees and ensure business profitability, make sure company policies and protocols regarding security are updated every year. Always strive to refine and perfect the company’s security plan and equipment.

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