Burglary is one of the most common forms of larceny in the United States, with a break-in estimated to occur multiple times per minute across the country.  Hiring professional burglar alarm companies can decrease your chances of being among those burgled by a substantial degree, but as with most criminal activity, prevention is a lot cheaper than enforcement.  Even if you do have an alarm service, there are plenty of things you can do as a business owner to keep yourself safe from burglars.

Five Things Burglar Alarm Companies Suggest You Do to Prevent Break-Ins

1 – Silent alarms are better than loud ones.

It seems counter-intuitive, but your professional burglar is not substantially deterred by your typical blaring alarm.  If anything, it only gives him warning that he needs to get in and out quickly – and he knows what the local police response times look like.  A silent alarm encourages him to take his time, then walk outside to see all the flashing lights.

2 – Always keep tabs on your keys.

Be very aware of who you trust with keys to your operation, and do not make more copies than are needed.  Also, be sure all keys are logged, so that employees can turn them in at the end of their employment.  Having loose keys in circulation makes you a major target for break-ins.

3 – Install double-cylinder deadbolt locks.

Double-cylinder style deadbolts are best because they have no twist mechanism, and must be opened via a key from either side.  Not only are they difficult to pick, they will help trap a burglar within the building since they prevent him from using a different exit than the door he entered through.

4 – Have good visibility through your front windows.

You want people to have a good view inside your building when it is locked up for the night – it makes burglars more likely to be noticed by pedestrians walking by.  Clutter in the windows, or heavy shutters, mostly just ensure that burglars feel safe and protected once they are inside.

5 – Invest in 24h outside surveillance. 

Even if you have in-house security, it is always best to have a backup where burglary is concerned.  Hire professionals to monitor your cameras and alarms 24/7/365 to add an extra layer of security.

Mijac Alarm can protect a business of any size.  Contact us directly for a full consultation on your security needs.

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