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From time to time in life, you’ve probably come across someone whose positive energy and genuine excitement was nothing short of infectious. That person could be someone in a hardware or grocery store that was particularly helpful, or just someone waiting in a line that started a conversation and made you smile. Some people in life simply enjoy talking to others and making friends, and Mijac’s Senior Sales Manager Bruce Robinson is the perfect example.

There are few people that better exemplify the positive family attitude that was fostered at Mijac by Mitzi and Jacques. For the past 26 years, Bruce has been a loyal and successful sales representative for Mijac Alarm.

As Bruce himself has said, “If you ask me what I do, I’d say I make friends, I don’t do sales. I educate people on what a security system is supposed to do, what the systems they are considering can actually do, and assist them in determining the best option for their home or business.” To date, Bruce has assisted more than 3000 businesses and homes with protection packages including security systems, cameras, electronic locks and fire alarm systems.

Life before Mijac

Although most people that work at Mijac can’t remember the Sales Department without Bruce, there was a time when he wasn’t yet a part of the Mijac sales team.

Bruce originally grew up in Baldwin Park, but spent his Junior and Senior years of high school at the International School in Brussels, Belgium. Bruce’s early working years were filled with stints at a number of companies, including Trader Joes (7 years), Frito Lay (5 years), and the Industry Hills Sheraton Resort, where he worked as a security guard, bouncer, and eventually head bartender.

Joining the Mijac family

After turning 32, Bruce was tired of shifts ending at 5am, and entered the alarm industry by taking a job at Cames Security Alarms (CSA) in San Dimas. However, after responding to an advertisement for Mijac Alarm in the newspaper, Bruce was hired on as an installer thanks to the specific product knowledge he earned during his time at CSA. After four years as an installer, Bruce moved to the Sales Department, where his love for making friends was able to truly shine.

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who is a more ardent supporter of Mijac Alarm, not only among customers and vendors, but in the community as well. Bruce has been a vocal proponent of Mijac alarm in a number of community organizations, including the Rancho Cucamonga and Irwindale Chambers of Commerce, and the local Kiwanis chapter. Wherever he goes, Bruce is an outgoing, smiling representative of everything Mijac Alarm stands for.

Bruce has seen it all, even “ghosts”

In addition to earning countless awards over the years, including the camera manufacturer, Arecont Vision’s “Salesman of The Year” and 9 Presidential awards from security manufacturer ITI, (now long gone), Bruce has seen it all at one time or another in the field. Always the observer, Bruce noticed that the alarm speaker installed by another alarm company in a customer’s home was picking up the voices from a HAM radio nearby. When Bruce informed the customer, she had the biggest sigh of relief; for months she had thought she was hearing the voices of ghosts!

Bruce’s relationship with Steve Sopkin

One of the most heartfelt aspects of Bruce’s time at Mijac Alarm is the friendship that has developed between him and President Steve Sopkin. As Bruce has said, “Steve has been a mentor to me, and has treated me like I was a member of his family.” Their friendship has taken them on a number of adventures, including a fishing trip to Aruba where they played golf on an all dirt course!

If you happen to stop by the Mijac Alarm office and ask anyone who the friendliest person in the office is, chances are they will say Bruce’s name. Whether he is sharing one of his many stories or sharing some fruits and vegetables from his most recent farmer’s market trip, there is no doubt that Bruce considers everyone at Mijac far more than just his coworkers – they are his family.

For more information about Mijac Alarm, please email us, call during normal business hours at (909) 982-7612, or visit the Mijac Homepage.

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