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Usually we post security related stories that will enhance safety for your home and business. black and white I thought I would step out of the box and share a recent experience that will be engraved in history. This past December, my daughter Beth and I traveled to Cuba on a University trip with her college professor along with 4 other Americans to study Mid-Century Architecture, enjoy the International Jazz Festival now in its 30th year and travel among the beautiful people of Cuba. While in a small town a couple of hundred miles from Havana, President Obama lifted the 50 year+ embargo against Cuba encapsulating our little troupe as Cuba became the center of the world’s news on December 17th, 2014. We hope you enjoy my personal account of our travels.
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I will help for a few months time…Hats
Fidel believed in the arts and built an entire community for 80 artists that come to reinvent themselves over and over. The entrance fee? Nada. Each artist is required to work in the community to help lift spirits and further their craft in the process. Located in a remote section of Cuba not 5 kilometers from the Bay of Pigs, Korimakao is a collection of buildings centered around student housing, an outdoor amphitheater and classrooms. The director, a tall young bearded man leads us around the compound. Explanations of how Korimakao came to be when Fidel Castro visited the recently flooded fledgling years ago at the behest of his friend, the famous actor Cuban Pablo. The actor promised himself and others that he would lend a hand for no more than a few months turned into 20 years of assistance.

musicAfter a brief introduction two singers that had no place to go for the December vacation began singing a soft beautiful rendition of a local favorite, one with acoustic guitar, the other with two wood blocks to help keep the tempo. Upstairs in this little concrete portico the music warms our hearts. It’s no wonder that those that feel compelled to help the artists of Cuba evolve into a lifelong commitment.

Sharing some photos from Cuba

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