Mijac Alarm has you covered

While it’s a known fact that burglars are much less likely to attempt to break into homes with professional security systems and central station monitoring, their M.O. or Modus Operandi, the way they operate is ever evolving. They are using various ways to gain entry, such as stepping on trash cans or fences to enter second story windows. Cutting directly through rooftops to gain entry. Covering their entire bodies from head to toe with full apparel and goggles to hide their hands, eyes and any other identifying marks while approaching cameras.

With the latest technology platforms that can be installed at your home or business you can have extra protection by giving you instantaneous notification of an event through cameras and texts to your smartphone. And there are other ways you can stay a step ahead of the bad guys:

  • Consider switching from traditional hardwired phone lines to adding cellular alarm signaling so your communications can’t be disabled or compromised from the outside of the building.
  • Think about adding magnetic alarm contacts on second story windows or other access points for another layer of security.
  • Install contacts on the attic hatch or other roof openings such as skylights.
  • Protect your alarm panel enclosure with a contact, vibration sensor or other detector.
  • We always recommend adding a second motion sensor to areas such as individual bedrooms and/or the master bedroom closet.
  • Contact us today at 909-982-7612 for more information on these and other additional security measures.

And while you are updating your security package, don’t forget to update your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover all the high-tech electronics, jewelry or other valuables which made it to your home during the holiday season.

Our M.O. at Mijac Alarm is to educate our clients with all the different technologies available to better your security and safety every single day. Let us assist you selecting the best protection you and your family deserve in 2017

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