Sometimes when we are talking with a homeowner or business owner who are investigating alarm monitoring companies, they start talking about local crime statistics.  “My neighborhood only sees a break-in every few months.  Why do I need alarm monitoring services?”

Well, it is a fair question – or at least it would be if alarm monitoring companies only monitored for break-ins.  Actually, a professional alarm company can protect your home or business against a wide variety of threats, as well as providing a better emergency response when they do happen.

How Professional Alarm Companies Offer All-Around Protection

Thanks to advances in computer systems and electronic sensors, ithas become possible for security systems to protect against far more than intruders.  For example, they can be wired into your fire alarms.  If there is a fire on your property, and no one is around to report it, you could be looking at catastrophic losses – and insurance payouts only do so much, if irreplaceable items or documents are destroyed.

But with a professional monitoring service, you get true around-the-clock protection.  Whenever you are away, you still have people watching over your property for trouble.  On top of that, many smoke\fire detectors installed by professionals are far more sensitive than the sort you buy off-the-shelf.  Professional fire alarms can detect low-smoldering fires, for example, that do not release enough smoke to trip off a consumer-grade alarm.

The Ultimate Protection

That is not all a professional alarm system can protect against, either.  Depending on your needs, you could also have sensors installed that watch out for carbon monoxide, cooking gas leaks, and various other toxic or flammable gasses.  Some monitoring systems even have humidity detectors capable of spotting a burst water pipe.

Further, you get a response when it is coming from an alarm monitoring company.  They almost always have direct lines to relevant police, fire, and other emergency response crews.  Whereas a person on the street would have to call 911, wait for their call to be answered, and explain the situation in detail, professionals can cut critical minutes off response time.

And when dealing with fire or other disasters, those minutes could make a big difference.

Mijac Alarm Has the Experience to Keep Your Property Safe

Since 1971, Mijac Alarm has specialized in providing the most advanced in security equipment, backed up by superb monitoring services – making us among the best in the country.  Contact Mijac today for comprehensive property protection.


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