Alarm companies in California often stress the importance of safeguarding your home during a holiday vacation. Unfortunately, the holidays are a peak period for criminals to target homes for burglaries, and the best locks and alarm systems in the world won’t amount to much if you don’t take basic precautions. With that in mind, let’s consider eight essential steps to safeguard your home before departing on vacation.

1. Opt for a Monitored Security System

The most important step you can make is to hire a professional service to install a monitored residential security system. Monitored alarm systems have the advantage of being observed around the clock by a team of trained response agents. If your service is aware that your family is away on vacation, then they’ll be able to dispatch law enforcement promptly if a burglary alarm triggers.

2. Install High-Security Locks and Latches

It’s also important to ensure that you have high-security door locks and window latches in place throughout your home, and here’s why: Successful burglaries are a matter of time. In fact, most occur in less than 60 seconds. If you can delay that process, then you reduce the likelihood of an attempted burglary being successful.

3. Inform the Neighbors

Ideally, your block participates in a neighborhood watch, but you can still rely on your neighbors without that level of organization. Let your immediate neighbors know when you leave and return, and ask them to keep an eye out and call the police in the case of anything suspicious.

4. Create the Appearance of Occupancy

The vast majority of would-be burglars don’t want a confrontation and actively avoid it. Therefore, if you create the impression of activity, you make your home a much less likely target. Today, we have plenty of options including sophisticated timers that turn lights on and off in an unpredictable pattern.

5. Place an Emphasis on Noise

Don’t focus exclusively on lights. You also need to create sound in order to foster a realistic appearance of human activity. Televisions and radios work quite well, and you can even connect them to those sophisticated timers we mentioned earlier. Many alarm also provide home automation technology, which will even allow you to control these events remotely.

6. Illuminate the Property and All Entrances

Purchase enough lights to illuminate any dark spots at your home. Ideally, a police offer should be able to scan your entire property from the road while sitting in his or her car. It’s also a good idea to place additional lights at all entrances and along walkways. Lights can be connected to timers and alarm systems.

7. Maintain Upkeep

A clear sign that your family isn’t at home is an unkempt lawn. Even in wintertime, it’s a good idea to keep the property looking neat, so hire a landscaping service to handle those duties. If you don’t normally pay a landscaping service, there are companies that provide short-term vacation services for precisely this purpose.

8. Arrange Pickup for Mail and Newspapers

Signs you are away include mail and newspapers piling up, making your home a more likely target. Ask a neighbor, friend or family member to gather your mail for you. If you’re on an extended vacation, consider short-term forwarding, available from the USPS You can have your mail bundled and shipped to you each week for a small fee. You keep up with your communications and keep burglars at bay!. Some alarm companies in California will also gather your mail as part of their extended services package.

Preparation is key to keeping your home safe while you enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Follow the steps above to make your home secure and your vacation worry-free. Take the recommendations above into consideration and safeguard your home to ensure a worry-free vacation this holiday season!​

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