Fire alarm monitoring is a critical addition for schools, businesses and other local buildings. But it is important that the right fire alarm monitoring service is chosen. And so within our latest post, the team at Mijac Alarm is now presenting a guide to choosing the best fire alarm monitoring service.

Review the company’s local experience

When choosing a fire alarm monitoring service, make sure you take the company’s past experience into full consideration. Ask for references from local clients so you can discuss the company’s work in detail. This can provide you with more insights into the company’s working process.

Consider future needs

Make sure the fire alarm monitoring service selected includes consideration for the future needs of the building. This might include the addition of new rooms to the property and the requirement that new alarms be added in the short-term. The monitoring service should be able to respond with a full-scale plan for the installation process and should be able to provide you with a full range of scalable options for your property.

Ask for response times

When working with a fire alarm monitoring service, ask the company about the response times for their alarms. Are they equipped to deal directly with the local fire department? What is your involvement in the process? It is important that the monitoring company has full control over the equipment throughout the day, and can immediately alert local firefighters to a potential fire in progress in your building.

Discuss the installation process

How long will the installation of alarms and monitoring equipment take within your property? And what will be the impact on those working in the building? Ask the company more information about their installation process and ensure that they can complete the work according to your timetable. The integration work should ideally take place when the building is unoccupied to ensure that alarms are set effectively and that monitoring can begin immediately once the installers have left the property.

Our team at Mijac Alarm is committed to providing you the ideal fire alarm monitoring service for your building. To discover more about our work in the industry, call us today.

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