Home security is becoming more and more important for homeowners to get peace of mind and ensure that their home is as safe as it can be. Unfortunately, not all security systems and services provide the same level of security features or protection. If you want true 24/7 protection, home alarm monitoring is what you need.

Here are some key features and reasons to choose an alarm monitoring company like Mijac Alarm.

Around the Clock Security

You get the absolute best security possible when you and your family choose alarm monitoring services. Since your property will be monitored 24/7, in the event of a break in, you and the appropriate authorities will be immediately notified. You will never have the trauma or danger of unknowingly coming home to a looted house, or even worse, while the perpetrator is still there.

Efficient & Safe

With alarm monitoring, the appropriate authorities will be contacted and will be able to instantly respond to the break and enter. Depending on the level of your system, an alarm company can use video verification to see if there is a break-in and can notify the authorities in your absence. Not only will this guarantee your safety, it can also eliminate false alarms.

Affordable Services

Not only can you get affordable alarm monitoring from our company, you can even save money be investing in a security system! Insurance companies know how reliable monitoring alarm systems are and often offer lower insurance rates to homeowners who are protected by them.

How Mijac Alarm Can Protect Your Property

At Mijac Alarm, we’re proud to offer a wide range of residential security services. Not only will you get alarm monitoring services, but you can also customize your package to suit your needs. You can choose indoor and outdoor cameras to see who’s at your front door and get a record of anyone who trespasses onto your property. And with our home automation services, you can control all of your security services directly from your smartphone.

Contact Us for Security Monitoring & More

Our team at Mijac Alarm has almost 50 years of experience in providing the absolute best security options to southern California residents, and we’ve been named as one of the top 100 security companies in the nation by a leading publication.

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