Once upon a time there was a little mom-and-pop store selling knick-knacks on the corner of main and anywhere street.  They had a great little business going, loved the neighborhood and participated in all the local downtown events.  That is until the internet café came in down the street.  Young ruffians started to hang out around the downtown causing a bit of ruckus, marking up walls and scratching windows with their keys on their way home and generally making a mess of things.  A window had even been broken across the street and there were no leads as to who did it.

“What are we going to do?” said Mom. “I’m not quite sure…” said Dad, “How about if we spend the night in the store?  I can see them with my own two eyes and I’ll call for help if they start anything.”

“I’ve got a better idea”, said Mom, “Let’s arrange for our security company to install their cameras so we can view them from home on that new Ipad you gave me for Christmas…”.

The internet has changed the way we view security forever.  The use of smart phones to arm and disarm alarm systems now allows a customer to be in total control of their own security strategy from thousands of miles away.  Turning on a light, unlocking a door, viewing a camera on their new smart phone or Ipad, even connecting through their home computers now allows the customer to be proactive in the protection of their own property.  The latest technology to hit full stride now sends a 10 second video clip of what caused the alarm to the central monitoring station or directly to the customer’s phone prior to dispatching of police.  Now that’s using the Internet to its fullest advantage.

“That’s a terrific idea Mom. My eyes aren’t what they used to be anyway.  I’m glad we can rest easy tonight and by the way, what’s for dinner?”

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