When it comes to investing in residential security alarm services, choosing the absolute best one will help keep you and your family protected for years to come. But how do you determine which company will be best for you? There can be a lot of factors to consider when selecting a security provider, which is why Mijac Alarm is here to help.

Below, you’ll find seven important questions to ask before hiring a residential security alarm service provider.

1. Is the company fully-licensed?

One of the first things you should certify is that the company you want to hire is fully-licensed and properly insured. This will make certain you receive the very best services and aren’t held liable for anything that happens on your property during the installation process.

2. How long has the residential security alarm service been in operation?

When it comes to offering stellar security services, working with a company that’s already well-established is key. This is because experience will enable them to know what system will work best for you, as well as make the installation process more efficient.

3. What’s a company’s average alarm response time?

It’s important that you get a good idea of how your alarm company is going to respond to an emergency at your home. Ask them what type of monitoring station they use and what their average response times are to make sure you’re comfortable with them.

4. Does the alarm company offer advanced safety features?

Today’s average residential security alarm system is much more than just a few motion sensors on your doors and entryways, there are often a host of customizable features to help keep you safe. Ask if your security provider offers things like cellular monitoring, remote access, surveillance camera solutions, and home automation services.

5. How often does your residential security alarm service test your system?

Regularly testing your alarm system is one of the best ways to ensure it’s functioning properly. Ask your security providers if they test alarm systems often (at least once a month).

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