With the holiday season coming into full swing, decorations are being hung, presents wrapped, and trees trimmed. For many, the holiday season is the most exciting time of the year. Here at Mijac Alarm we want to make sure you make the best of the holidays, while also being safe. That’s why we’ve put together this list of essential holiday safety tips.

1. Make sure you are decorating safely– While decorating for the holidays it is important to be mindful of what you are decorating with and where you are putting those decorations. Always be very cautious when lighting candles, making sure that they are the proper distance from flammable objects such as drapes, wreaths, or trees. Always make sure to hang breakable ornaments above the reach of small children, only use indoor lights indoors, and turn off all lights and decorations before you go to bed.

2. Keep live trees watered– It’s easy to forget about keeping the live tree properly watered when there are so many other pressing needs around the holiday. But a dry tree that sheds its needles is more than a clean-up nuisance. It can also catch fire if faulty lights are used. Fresh trees may require up to a gallon of water a day to stay fully hydrated. Add this task to your list of weekly activities as long as the tree is displayed.

3. Practice proper ladder safety – Whether you’re inside or out, it’s always important to practice proper safety measures when using a ladder. If you’re using a step ladder to hang those decorations, make sure the legs are properly locked and secured and never place the ladder in front of a doorway. If you have to pull out an extension ladder for the harder to reach spots, make sure the ladder is one foot away from the surface you are leaning on for every four feet of ladder height. Finally, you want to make sure that you have someone holding the ladder at all times to ensure that you do not fall if the ladder becomes unstable.

4. Food safety– When you’re in the kitchen preparing the big holiday meal there are some good things to keep in mind.Make sure you have sharp cutlery, clean pots and pans, and a working thermometer. Never let food defrost at room temperature – you should always move the frozen item into the fridge or run cold water over the package.

5. Keep gifts out of sight– We all want to put our packages and parcels under the tree to promote the holiday spirit. But this is not a good idea if your tree is located in the front window of your home. Gifts on display can encourage thieves who would like nothing more than to take advantage of Santa’s generosity. If you do put your tree in a place where it can be easily seen, wait until Christmas Eve before putting gifts out for display.

6. Arm your alarm system– There are many customers that tell us they only arm their Mijac Alarm system while on vacation.While this allows them peace of mind while out of the country, most burglaries occur in under 15 minutes.This means the bad guys have plenty of opportunity to create havoc. Be a good partner in your overall security… Arm your alarm every day!

7. Have fun!– Keep your family safe and enjoy the holidays too!

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