Top 6 Advantages of Custom Alarm Systems

No matter what area you live in, your home and belongings are at risk every time you leave the house. In fact, many break-ins and robberies take place while residents are fast asleep in their bedrooms. The best way to prepare yourself for this harsh reality is to secure your property with a reliable security alarm system.

When searching for an alarm system, it is important to do your research and understand the hallmarks of a high-quality security system. With the wide variety of home security solutions on the market, there are many options to choose from with varying degrees of sophistication. Even so, there is no off-the-shelf product that compares to a custom security alarm installation.

Our team at Mijac Alarm has a proven track record of completing security alarm installations for homeowners across Rancho Cucamonga. Our technicians will ensure that every inch of your property is monitored and protected against wrongdoers 24/7 so that you and your family have peace of mind every time you leave the house. Continue reading to learn about the top six reasons why custom alarm systems are the best choice for premium home security.

Top 6 Benefits of Custom Security Alarm Installations

1. Expertise

Installing a pre-packaged security alarm system may seem relatively straightforward, however, it is easy to neglect certain areas of your property or select the wrong devices if you are not an experienced technician. For example, if you own a 2000 square foot property and you purchase a set of security cameras that are designed to monitor a smaller home, attackers may be able to access the building through specific points of entry without ever being seen by your surveillance cameras.

By hiring a professional to complete your custom security alarm installation, you will never have to worry about an inadequate security system. At Mijac Alarm, we design custom solutions for our clients by assessing the layout of the property and placing each component of the security system accordingly.

2. Security tailored to your needs

Depending on your neighborhood, the history of crime in the area, and the design of your house, you probably have some unique concerns which may not apply to other properties. For example, if you live in a historic neighborhood filled with early 20th century homes, you may be more concerned about your property’s susceptibility to fire or leaks than someone who lives in a newly built home. For this reason, you may want to look into a highly sensitive fire alarm system that will notify local authorities in the event of a fire.

Conversely, if you live in a modern neighborhood with a history of break-ins, you may be more concerned with home automation technology. No matter what your needs are, our team will happily accommodate them so that you and your family feel protected.

3. Possibility for expansion

With modern technology, home security systems are constantly evolving. However, the average homeowner does not have the time or money to replace their entire security system every time something new hits the market. Custom security alarm installations are the perfect solution to this problem.

Instead of buying the same few components in a boxed set every time you want to add an additional piece of technology to your security system, custom solutions allow room to add or replace one or more components at a time. This allows homeowners to stay on top of the latest technology without spending a fortune or wasting time with ongoing DIY installations.

4. A reliable point of contact

When you work with a professional technician to design the perfect security alarm installation for your home, you automatically have someone to contact if something goes wrong. If you are concerned that one or more elements of your security system are no longer working properly or if you would like to discuss adding more components, you can always reach out to the company that you hired to complete the initial installation. Not only will you have a warranty on the equipment used to protect your home, but you will also have access to this great additional resource.

At Mijac Alarm, we pride ourselves on the many positive customer reviews which we have received due to our highly personalized services. We are dedicated to keeping our clients happy and protected long after we have completed the security alarm installation.

5. High-tech security systems

The average boxed home security system tends to be fairly basic. At best, you may find a package that contains a few sensors to install at your home’s primary points of entry, along with a digital control pad to arm and disarm the system. For the modern homeowner, this simply does not cut it. For complete protection, a custom alarm system is by far the best way to explore more nuanced forms of security such as remote monitoring, home automation, and more.

If you are considering incorporating cameras, access control technology, or other unique devices into your home security system, a custom solution is a must. When you hire a technician from Mijac Alarm, we make sure you have all the information you need to design a solution that works for you.

6. Mobile access

Leaving your property for an extended period can be stressful. Whether you forgot to unplug a heating element, you have a vulnerable individual such as an elderly person staying in your home while you are away or you simply like to check in to make sure nothing is wrong, remote monitoring is a great way to stay connected. With a custom security system, homeowners can now opt for modern add-ons such as a centralized mobile application that monitors and controls certain aspects of your home from afar.

Installing a complex security system like this can be difficult without the help of a professional. Our experienced team at Mijac Alarm will happily assist you with modern solutions such as these.

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