5 Ways to Prevent the Police Showing Up At Your Front Door

We can’t share enough how troublesome it is for local Police Departments to have to respond to user errors on alarm systems. A waste of time, community resources and putting people in harm’s way by the accelerated response driving to your location all to find out the dog was left in the house. We suggest using these tips to make the most of your alarm system and reduce false alarm dispatches.

  1. “Honey, do you have Mijac Alarm’s phone number? I set off the alarm letting out the dog!”  Alarm systems have become increasingly stable and reliable. It is still important to understand how your system operates and what you can do to make sure it is functioning properly and in all kinds of conditions and environments. Make certain that anyone who has access to your alarm also knows how to cancel a false alarm, including the password and phone number to the alarm monitoring center. Remind everyone when you give them a code that our yellow stickers on your front window have our phone number for such emergencies.
  2. Does your ‘exit interview’ for fired employees include taking away their code to the alarm? Many customers forget about calling us when they fire the housekeeper, receptionist or cleaning crew. You may have given them a code to enter and exit the building using the keypad near the entry door. If you didn’t ask us to delete their code from the keypad, you might as well leave the front door unlocked! Make certain all users understand proper system operation, especially if you have a business with turnover, cleaning crews or others who may not be using it daily. Take advantage of free user training available from Mijac Alarm.
  3. Is your system outdated? Using past technology? Time for an update? Technology in general has been progressing rapidly and that goes for alarm systems, cameras and all types of electronic security. Did you know that new sensors have a much more sophisticated software platform today than ever before? Motion sensors can see the difference between a person and a small pet such as a dog or cat in the viewing area. Make an appointment today for a free evaluation of your current alarm system to see if you need technology updates to make it more stable.
  4. Bring in the big guns! If you haven’t had your system serviced in the last couple of years, it may be time to give us a call. Batteries need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years on the main control panel and sooner if there have been frequent power outages. Our technicians always mark the date of when it was installed as a reminder for the next technician visit. Strict record keeping for something as small as this can mean big savings in both money and drama down the line. Anytime your alarm activates and you cannot pinpoint the exact cause, you should call in the big guns at Mijac Alarm, ask for your best friend, the service technician and schedule him at your convenience.
  5. Hello? Anyone out there? Make certain that your emergency call lists are updated frequently and that you include cell phone numbers for primary users. You can greatly reduce the opportunity for a false response by the police if you have us call both the site phone number and your cellular number prior to dispatching the police.

Contact Mijac Alarm today at (909) 982-7612 for more information and keep from staring down the wrong end of a police issued shotgun by instituting our 5-step process above to help stop false alarms!

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